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Our Store

Our thrift shoppe offers unique new and used items for everyone to enjoy, and at affordable prices too. The funds earned through purchases at the thrift store are put directly back into supporting RICan. Proceeds go towards anything from new equipment for the pantry, to building upgrades, and buying food to continue helping our friends and neighbors.

Thrift Shoppe Hours

Monday - Saturday 10:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M


We accept many items, including clothing/accessories, entertainment items, household items, and furniture. RICan accepts, organizes, and distributes all of these items and many more. If you have anything in your home that is underused or has served its purpose, please bring it to us and it will find a good home. Better to go to a loving home than the landfill.

*For furniture donations, please call ahead.
*Pictures of furniture donations should also be sent to prior to drop off.

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